Saturday, March 12, 2011

verner panton

I just love this photo. It seems to capture a feeling that has been around since the 00's. It remembers us of a new beginning, a new way of capturing beauty. It has a modern feel, yet it remains classic. Still we can almost be sure it was captured in the last decade.

Halls is a fairly new electronic artist which I just discovered. He seems to be following the footsteps of a few others colleagues that have stepped out with their music in the last years and especially this year. I also adore his "Solace" EP cover which seems to be beautifully drawn with charcoal.

Halls // Cave days

In the Coen brothers' film "The Lady Killers" the beautiful ending song "Let your light shine" is being used as the ending song and after hearing some versions, I like this one the best.

Christy Essien-Igbokwe // Let your light shine

If someone comes across this chair in a vintage shop, a flea market, a junk yard or a Ikea (after all the design was made for this store) do not hesitate to contact me.